A Global Character & Behavior Assessment Tool


MERIT Hiring Advantage

Every NEW HIRE impacts, in a positive or negative way, the Vision, Mission, and Purpose of an Organization.

Every NEW HIRE impacts the desired Culture of an Organization as well as its overall Performance, Productivity, Team Efficiency, and Bottom Line Results.

Every NEW HIRE impacts an Organization’s overall Operational Efficiencies, Risks and Liabilities, and Net Operating Income.

Every New Hire’s Character and Behavior DNA absolutely impacts these critical areas of any Organization.

A Global Character & Behavior Assessment Tool

Valuable Insights…

A Relevant and Timely Diagnostic Tool that Improves the Predictability of Every Hiring Decision.

The MERIT Profile is a validated psychometric assessment tool that provides an accurate description of an individual’s Character Competencies and Behavior Traits.

The MERIT Profile also reliably assesses an individual’s overall Attitudes, Beliefs, and Commitments.

The MERIT Profile Assessment has been utilized by thousands of individuals, professionals and organizations worldwide since 2006.

Valuable Insights…

In today’s complex business environment, with its never-ending Workforce Challenges, Organizations MUST have the ability to proficiently assess a Job Applicant’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness, which is built upon a foundation of their Character Competencies and their Behavior Traits, BEFORE making a final hiring decision!

PLE Definition: The skill of leading and governing yourself to your full potential.

Every employee has a PLE Factor that impacts their Organization in a positive or negative manner

An individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness is built upon their unique Character and Behavior DNA, as well as their overall…

Attitudes  –  Beliefs  –  Commitments

Attitudes  –  Beliefs  –  Commitments

The MERIT Profile provides a 6-page Recruitment Report and a 13-page Development Report.

Each report provides both descriptive summary statements and numerical scores regarding ten Character Competencies and four Behavior Traits.

Additionally, the MERIT Profile assesses three Character Competency Groups referred to as a person’s Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments.

Each report provides both descriptive summary statements and numerical scores regarding ten Character Competencies and four Behavior Traits.

Additionally, the MERIT Profile assesses three Character Competency Groups referred to as a person’s Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments.

What MERIT Profile Clients Have To Say

We have used the MERIT Profile for several senior level hiring positions and have realized how effective the tool is to help screen out candidates that do not align and/or fit within our corporate culture.

We are now evaluating how we can effectively use the MERIT Profile with our talent acquisition, employee development and retention initiatives.

Richard Kouwenhoven,
and General Manager

I have found the MERIT Profile and MERIT Team Dynamics to be excellent tools to help better understand the character and behavior of new hires and existing employees.

I have also found the MERIT Profile to really reveal valuable information that has helped strengthen our internal communications, as well as personal and professional relationships.

Nick Burrows
Executive Vice President
& General

The MERIT Profile within our Executive Search and Recruitment Practice has been invaluable. The ability to assess an individual’s competencies against those competencies that are crucial to any job function, assures us that our clients are being presented the best individuals for the job position.

With the MERIT Profile we can assess the real person behind the presentation. We can have a quantitative assessment that balances the qualitative information we obtain through other methods.

Lisa Cefali, B.Comm (Hons)
Vice President Strategic Development
& Executive Search

I have used the MERIT Profile and MERIT Team Dynamics process to hire several team members and also utilized the MERIT Profile information for team building and coaching.

Based on my experiences with the MERIT Profile assessment tool I could never return to the more traditional hiring methods that I used in the past.

Dave Thorne
Deputy Chief of Operations
Winnipeg Police Service

The MERIT Profile enables our clients to better understand their corporate culture and helped each executive gain a better understanding of their fellow leaders and other co-workers.

The MERIT Profile has also helped and enabled us to make more informed recommendations for executives, managers, and staff.

Michelle O. Joaquin, VP
Certified MERIT Profile Advisor

The MERIT Profile has provided the opportunity to see beyond a candidate’s resume and what an interview tells us about their qualifications. It has allowed us to expand our interview questions and probe in needed areas based on a candidate’s profile, allowing us to get a better understanding for how they will approach certain situations and interact with others. The MERIT Profile has been a welcome addition to a successful hiring process.

Heidi Tiller, Human Resources
Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

Character Competencies and Behavior Traits SHOULD Be Assessed
BEFORE Making a Final Hiring Decision

A Relevant
and Timely
Hiring Solution

Exploring Meaningful Engagement

If your Organization would like to learn how you can have one or more of your Leadership Team Members Certified as MERIT Profile Advisors, to improve the predictability of your job candidate selection process, then please complete the form provided below.

Once your Organization has at least one Certified MERIT Profile Advisor you will be set-up with a secured MERIT Profile Ordering Platform and special MERIT Profile Bulk Pricing.

Special Note: Please invest the time to review the documents provided below. Each contains valuable insights that will help your Leadership Team conduct its important due diligence. Research shows that when Organizations hire the right people they improve their employee retention ratio and enhance their cultural initiatives.

Please send me complimentary copies of your Maximizing Workforce Contribution and Personal Leadership Effectiveness Whitepapers.

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